Science Explorers is a new long-term mentoring program for Chicago high school students that promotes academic success and science engagement.


Engaging & authentic

Real science is about solving real problems. Science Explorers brings classroom science to life and provides students with an opportunity to learn authentic science skills. Students have the chance to meet real scientists, try real experiments, and visit real research labs. Students also get extra time to review key biology concepts.

Small group mentoring

Every student is unique and no single learning approach will work for everyone. Science Explorers uses a small group mentoring approach so that every student gets the attention they need. By working in groups of four (three students and one mentor), students can receive individualized support while still belonging to a team.


long-term support

Success in high school biology means more than knowing science vocabulary. Students need to know academic skills as well as scientific ones. Science Education Fellows guide students throughout the academic year at Mather High School and help them learn the skills they need to be successful throughout high school.


Science Explorers guides
urban youth on a path to success.


Fellowship Program

Science Education Fellows are committed to making a difference in Chicago Public Schools. Fellows are placed in a Chicago high school for an entire academic year in order to foster the long-term mentoring relationships with students that are key to the program's success. Fellows work full-time to provide small group mentoring, classroom support, and supplemental tutoring or activities (such as field trips). Fellows will be trained by Northwestern University staff and work alongside Chicago Public School teachers. 


Youth Program

Chicago Public School freshmen are at a critical transition. For many, academic performance starts to decline. Science Explorers was developed to help 50 high potential students (8th grade GPA 2.5-3.5) succeed in their first year of high school. Students receive supplemental tutoring two days a week during the school day and the support of a trained Fellow. Many of the sessions are focused on science but students will also learn the skills and mindsets that will help them thrive.


Interested in becoming a Science Education Fellow?

We are recruiting five passionate Science Education Fellows for the 2017-2018 school year. Fellows must be recent college graduates with a degree in science, technology, engineering, or math and must have a strong desire to make a difference in the community. Application deadline is April 29, 2017.